Elite class apartment 135 sq.m - ref RUS800141

Moscow, Russia



135 sq. m.


Patriarch's Ponds is one of the most prestigious and famous quiet
districts of old Moscow with literary glory.
The infrastructure is presented by all kinds of cozy
cafes, restaurants, boutiques, which allows its residents
spend your free time near home.
The building was designed in the art deco style and represents
the synthesis of modernity and neoclassicism is a strict law,
luxury, expensive modern materials.

Main characteristics

 Number of storeys: 7 floors
 Floor height: 3.3 m
 Underground parking: 2 levels
 Number of apartments: 25
 Number of parking spaces: 40
 Comfortable KONE elevators
 Doors of apartments from the firm "BARS"
 Ventilation systems "NED"
 The building is heated from
individual heating point
 Digital Automatic Telephone Exchange
 Dedicated telephone line
 Open-plan apartments for
finishing already with a screed
"At the Patriarch's"

 Theater "Lenkom"
 Theater of Satire
 Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky
 Bulgakov House Museum
 Central House of Architects
 Museum of Modern History
 Polyclinic and pediatric dentistry
 3 prestigious schools
 A large number of shops, cafes and

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