Majestic 18th century castle - ref POR830028

Oeira, Lisbon, Portugal



7 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
1616 sq. m.


Dating back to the 19th century, a castle was built in 1860 by architect Cinatti de Siena. It was the residence of His Royal Highness, King D. Fernando II. The property's gardens are dominated by the Clock Tower that lent it its name. The property belongs to the heirs of His Royal Highness King D. João I and D. Filipa de Lancastre, Queen of Portugal, and is protected by the Oeiras City Council environmental and heritage protection plan. Quinta do Relógio boasts a Neoclassical style and atmosphere, which is visible in the sumptuous ornamentation of the buildings, surrounded by dense, extensive vegetation, among which several species - such as Araucaria, Platanus and Dracaena trees - stand out for their beauty and antiquity, The landscaping of the outdoor areas creates uneven spaces, which are arranged around a courtyard with several garages, stables and housekeepers' houses. The main building consists of two floor plans boasting palatial dimensions and unique elements - such as the symmetry of the plants and the spatial sequence consisting of a porch, an entrance hall and a staircase lit by a skylight. Three living rooms offer sea views and direct access to the garden.

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