Luxury villa with incredible view - ref USA7051

USA, Los Angeles

$ 5,799,000


6 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
621 sq. m.
6680 sq.ft.


A royal luxury villa in Los Angeles, USA, with incredible views of the countryside. Many walls are made of vanishing glass, it provides a lot of natural sunlight in the interiors, beautiful views. The place for the villa is a solitary exclusivity, an oasis safe from prying lenses of paparazzi (Laughlin Park).

6 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms. Personal cinema. Pool. Museum art on the walls. Two-story living room. Terraces floating in the open.

The main floor is filled with hotel entertainment spaces, while the lower floor provides endless possibilities to combine life and work: a recording studio, a gym, guest rooms or a combination of both. Silence reigns on the top floor, where the master suite bedroom provides moments of solitude. Clean lines, modern air architecture and 6,680 square feet of living space (approximately 621 square meters) are the perfect solution for a modern villa.

* The location of the villa on the map is approximately

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sea view
terrace balcony

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