Cinema performance school


 All levels of acting experience welcomed. Must be at least 18 years of age.


 Acting Class for Stage and Film.  Renowned and experienced instructors will teach, guide and share their specific knowledge on craft, technique, script analysis, personal experience and more. 


 Students will have the experience of exploring in a safe and creative environment as a working actor from both a stage and a film perspective.  Each student will have the opportunity to work on a short scene, directed by the instructor and filmed by a professional crew.  The student will then receive a professional demo reel which can be instrumental for use on auditions and seeking theatrical representation.  

Prospective Representation 

There does exist the potential of an offer to the student for theatrical representation by the agency.  However, there is no guarantee or promise of said offer to any student enrolled in this program and determination is based on the sole discretion, consideration and judgment of the instructors and staff.


2 weeks


Please contact us.


All levels of proficiency welcomed.  A two-hour English class will also be provided each day of the program.