USA residency VISA EB-5

It is necessary to have “additional airfield” or additional possibilities in the modern unstable world where the situation changes every day. Green-card or USA citizenship gives the privileges and the sense of confidence in tomorrow day. Obtaining US citizenship is sometimes characterized by increased requirements that not all applicants can meet. We offer one of the simpliest options: to take part in the EB-5 program and get US citizenship for it.

The advantages of the visa EB-5:

— It does not matter if you have relatives in the US or don’t have them

— There are no restrictions to the place of residence and work in the US

— No requirements for your education, work experience, age or language skills

— You do not need to manage the business every day or count the necessary number of jobs (when investing in the project of the Regional Center)

— Registration of permanent residence for your family, while remaining in your country

What do you need to get an EB-5 visa?

Two simple steps:

Step 1. For businessmen: to create new business or to buy the ready existing business (minimum 10 working places for full day during 2 years).
For the rest persons: to choose one of projects of the Regional Center.

Step 2. To invest 800 000 USA dollars into business/project. 
After investing, you will receive a conditional Green Card for 2 years, then a permanent one for 10 years, as well as the right to apply for citizenship 5 years after investing (that is, 3 years after receiving a permanent Green Card).

After receiving a permanent Green Card, you can proceed further on your own:
For businessmen: 1) either take your money from the business; 2) either sell the business; 3) or to remain the owner.
For those who chose the project: If you did not create a business, but only invested in the Regional Center project, you will receive a return on investment within 5-7 years from the moment of investing.

Popular questions and answers, as well as detailed information, you can read in our brochure.